Welcome to my site. Over the past eight or so years I have been writing a book and I will use this site to publish it. My book is called:

The Bible’s Bookends

I’ve been a Christian for over 40 years and during this time I’ve prayerfully studied The Bible to determine how the Lord Jesus Christ would have me live the life I gave to Him when I met Him. I believe Jesus Christ is the Man with the answers. He was raised from the dead and then ascended to heaven. He’s a trans-dimensional being and He came to Earth with a vital mission and message. This book is the product of 40 years of prayer and study into His revelation to the human race.

About 50 years ago, in the swinging 60s, I grew tired of avoiding the “elephant in the room”. Where did we come from and where are we going? This seemed a perfectly valid question to me, but growing up in an atheist household meant this was a question everyone took pains to avoid. Today, as we sail into the 21st century, that question is still as pertinent to me as it was in my early teenage years.

Life didn’t just pop into existence from nowhere, that’s just not observable reality. No matter how many scientists emphatically state the universe burst into existence from nothing, even as a young teenager I knew, nothing comes from nothing. If there was some kind of Big Bang, there would have to have been a banger. If I hear a “bang” somewhere, I immediately wonder what made that sound, I know something must have caused it, it didn’t make itself. In the real world we live in, the question of our origins and destiny is something everyone should examine. Why avoid such an important question?

I decided to find answers to my many questions in an era that was historically quite unique. My generation (The Baby Boomers) was all about self; self-expression, self-realisation, self-fulfillment. I found the pursuit of my own gratification and inner self singularly disappointing. I felt there was a much bigger picture I was missing, so I embarked on a quest. The question of our origin and destination was part of that quest. My book begins at the point where I met the Man with the answers to my questions.


It has taken me a month to reformat quotes and add the footnotes that were stripped off when I first uploaded my book. As I worked my way through this laborious task I entertained myself by adding artwork and images, many copied from the net. If I’ve borrowed (?) something of yours and you want me to remove it please let me know. It is not my wish to make any money from my book, and as the images contribute so much to the appearance and message I’m hoping I haven’t broken any laws and the people who produced the images won’t mind.

I must admit I was rather naive in my understanding of what is correct procedure in this area. I assumed it would be reasonable to use an image that was in the public domain (on the internet), but I now realise this is not the case.

Recently I discovered Goodsalt and I’ve since bought a license for a number of their images. I also bought a license for two beautiful images from the artist Pat Marvenko Smith.  I will slowly work my way through the images I’ve borrowed and try to determine what I need to do to ensure I’ve correctly attributed them or remove them and replace them with ones I have a license to use.

l hope you enjoy reading my book, I have certainly enjoyed writing it. I also have a blog site called The Way and the Truth, which contains short articles.


I dedicate this book to my loving husband Ken, who has been an invaluable support during its writing. He has given me the uninterrupted time necessary to work on the manuscript and many ideas that found their way into its pages were born through our daily discussions. I thank God for bringing us together and Ken for his love and encouragement.

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