1. Introduction
  2. Denominations
  3. The Bible’s Bookends
  4. That they may all be one
  5. The Bible is the Inerrant Word of God
  6. The Logos and the rhema
  7. It is written
  8. Who are the saints and apostles?
  9. Jesus’ teachings do not need modernising
  10. Genesis
  11. Science supports biblical creation
  12. What is evolution?
  13. Natural selection
  14. Do mutations add new genetic information?
  15. Where did DNA come from?
  16. How did life begin?
  17. Evolution is an old time religion
  18. We are wonderfully made
  19. The search for the Missing Link
  20. What about Neanderthals?
  21. The human race is one race
  22. No need to compromise
  23. Is science really the source of all knowledge?
  24. The evidence points to design and a Designer
  25. The good creation
  26. The First and Last Adam
  27. Did God really use suffering and death to create?
  28. Did Adam and Eve know what they were doing?
  29. The Tree of Life
  30. God is Love
  31. Disobedience damages our relationship with God
  32. After the Garden
  33. Genesis is history not allegory
  34. The Flood
  35. Floods of evidence
  36. Geological models
  37. Fossils
  38. Problems with data collection
  39. Bonebeds and polystrate fossils
  40. The age of the universe
  41. Galileo challenged the scientific community of his day
  42. The Big Bang
  43. The RATE Project
  44. Field relationships determine rock ages
  45. We see the world with a trained eye
  46. The heavens declare God’s handiwork
  47. Jesus the Jewish Messiah: Saviour of the World
  48. Tough love is no longer necessary
  49. What about natural disasters?
  50. The Day of Judgment will Come
  51. He has the whole world in His hands
  52. I tell you the truth
  53. A New Covenant
  54. God’s mercy extends to all people
  55. Love one another
  56. Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing
  57. Why so much suffering?
  58. The final episode in God’s plan for His family
  59. God’s standards are not the world’s standards
  60. Is civilisation a thin veneer?
  61. Sin will destroy us
  62. A temple for the Lord
  63. Jesus revealed God’s eternal plan
  64. Sin brings suffering, pain and death
  65. Repent and turn to God
  66. Jesus was particularly critical of hypocrites
  67. Dealing with the results of sin
  68. Christianity is a religion based on forgiveness
  69. Jesus also came to destroy the works of the devil
  70. The intermediate state
  71. The Revelation
  72. Signs of the Times
  73. An angel gave John the Revelation
  74. The Second Coming
  75. The Great Tribulation
  76. What is the Rapture?
  77. Three views of the Rapture
  78. Pre-tribulation Rapture
  79. Mid-tribulation Rapture
  80. Post-tribulation Rapture
  81. How do the two testaments relate?
  82. Dispensationalism
  83. When was Revelation written?
  84. The Millennium
  85. The Throne of David and the sacrifices
  86. Many areas of agreement
  87. A personal perspective
  88. John’s vision concerning the history of the world
  89. Idealism
  90. Preterism
  91. Historicism
  92. Daniel’s 70 weeks
  93. Have the Jews been written out of the end times story?
  94. What about the Rapture?
  95. Anyone with ears to hear should listen
  96. Why would God allow a Great Tribulation?
  97. Twenty-One Terrible Judgments
  98. Timeless imagery or historical chronology?
  99. The first resurrection and the Millennium
  100. What is the second death?
  101. Sheol, Hades, Gehenna and Hell
  102. The rich man and Lazarus
  103. What is the outer darkness?
  104. Purification, annihilation or eternal torment
  105. The Biblical view of immortal souls
  106. The Old Testament
  107. The New Testament
  108. The Lake of Fire
  109. The Justice of God
  110. Does ignorance of God’s law excuse us?
  111. God gave us stewardship over His creation
  112. What purpose does punishment serve?
  113. Punishment can be exclusion, exile and expulsion
  114. Restorative and retributive justice
  115. The apostles are silent
  116. The Judgment Seat of Christ
  117. Spirit and Soul
  118. Spirit in the Old Testament
  119. Significant OT verses concerning the spirit
  120. Soul in the Old Testament
  121. Significant OT verses concerning the soul
  122. Spirit in the New Testament
  123. Soul in the New Testament
  124. In Conclusion
  125. God is Love, but He is also holy and just

love hearts

Throughout this book all quotes are italicised, with Jesus’ words in red. I have used a variety of different translations of The Bible. The computer program e-Sword has been a wonderful resource and I tend to use numerous translations, often also looking at the Hebrew or Greek to try to determine just what the Lord is saying. I suggest the reader find the verse(s) for themselves in the version of The Bible they favour if they prefer another translation to the ones I’ve used.